Ric Wallis' life commitment to photography started early.

He studied at Melbourne's RMIT and has since worked as a commercial photographer. Ric says "I started photography for the love of it, 30 years have passed in a flash and I still love photography with a passion". Right from the start Ric worked with medium format cameras. "The differences with digital images are as stark as they were with film, it has a depth and quality you just can’t get from DSLR’s. I’ve just moved from Hasselblad to the new generation Mamiya with a 60 megapixel digital back, which returns brilliant results".


Ric is also a superb aerial photographer - "Ever since I can remember I’ve been fascinated by flying and first flew solo in 1997. I now own an vintage Cessna that I have flown over much of Australia. When I fly, it feeds my soul. At times, the noise and radio chatter fade away and leave me looking down in wonder at the abstract view of the world.  This perspective provides me with a powerful inspiration to merge the art of photography with the technique skills of flying - my passion will endure – stand by for more!"



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