MONIQUE SOAMES  Briiliantly in Style

Colour, fabrics, interiors, costumes, fashion, food, travels, different cultures. All these wonderful, rich sources fuel Monique’s passion for styling. A Bachelor of Applied Art in Graphic Design and Photography, Monique started her professional career as an art director at Target head office. This gave her first hand experience from the client’s viewpoint, working in a creative team and created a quality compass within her, to strive for perfection and respect for all those involved. Monique also created a successful design and manufacturing business called Made by Mermaidz, specialising in colourful gifts and stationery. A love story took her to live in Berlin and Budapest where she worked on films, returning in 2000 to found a new freelance creative styling business called The Big Style. 15 years on, Monique remains passionate about styling with a vast wealth of experience and success working in all areas and mediums of advertising, dealing directly with a who’s who of clients, advertising agencies, photographers, designers, model agencies, hair and makeup artists in Australia, New York and Europe. She has an expert eye on selecting and scheduling models, locations, wardrobes and props. Staying fresh and abreast of local and global trends is Monique’s priority, as is collaborating with other creative minds. It's all about bringing your ideas into focus and creating style … your own unique style. Monique says “being a Stylist is like being a musical conductor. It’s the way you put together the objects, the setting, the people, which creates the mood and the music”



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