A Photo Stylist's role may sometimes look glamorous but it's one of the toughest gigs in catalogue production. The stylist must be highly organized in order to juggle shoot locations, find models and props, backgrounds, lighting and colors to create just the right feeling and - working closely with the photographer - create the mood or tone for a catalogue story line. The stylist collaborates with the designer and photographer ahead of time to settle on a particular theme, and can spend many days sourcing the clothes, props and accessories which add that specially magical touch to a catalogue. The stylist has to negotiate with retailers to beg, borrow or buy the wardrobe and props, deliver them to the location and then prepare them perfectly for photography, often in adverse weather conditions. On location or in the studio, the stylist becomes the equivalent of an Interior Designer in creating a suitable background, .then must constantly alert in styling the products  – fashion or food, for example – to ensure that every detail is perfect before the photographer presses the shutter.

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